Studio Zorig

Hotel in TOKYO 2019.May Tokyo, Japan
Project budget consulting/Interior design management,/Guest room amenities design management

A complexed hotel opened near Tokyo Station. This is a new hotel construction project taking advantage of its location within walking distance from one of Japan's most popular terminal stations, that expected to attract a wide range of customers, from business people to tourists of domestic and international. For this project, we were responsible for managing/consulting on the overall budget and management of the interior/amenity design. Under the main theme of “Just a bit different. a bit new”. The hotel has 200 rooms in all, 64 rooms are called as "compartment" and 136 rooms are called as "cabin", which are minimal units with a bed and a desk. By becoming an affordable accommodation option, this hotel aims to expand the lifestyle of guests through a variety of ways to use. In the interior design, we carefully considered the selection of finishing materials, the unitization of furniture and even the way to assemble of base material for create an "an/other" space.

2019.May OPEN


Location:Tokyo, Japan
Business form:Complex hotel
(Include cafe, restaurant, meeting room and guest room)
Project type:Newly Build
Work in charge
Project budget consulting
Interior design management
Guest room amenities design management