Studio Zorig

Kabukicho Night Club 2018.September Tokyo, Japan
Interior design

The night club opened in Kabukicho, Shinjuku known as the largest entertainment district in Japan. This is a large scale night club with a floor area of about 190 square meters, opened as a flagship store of the group that operates nationwide. Night club is required by architect code to ensure a clear line of sight inside, however each table must keep own independency. In addition, the design had to be balanced between a glamorous atmosphere that complemented staffs and a private space where visitors could relax. In response to these requests, we adopted an interior design that guides eye sight and table layouts that make feel independency from surrounding seats. Gap of brightness between covered with dark green colored glass walls and shiny lightings disperse customer’s line of site and they would have great night time in the club.

2018.September OPEN


Location:Tokyo, Japan
Business form:Night Club
Project type:Full renovation
Work in charge:Interior design