Studio Zorig

Kabukicho Night Club 2018.September Tokyo, Japan
Interior design

A night club that opened its doors in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. One of the biggest red light district in Japan. This large scale night club with its 190sqm floor is open as a flagship store of the group that operates throughout the country. Night clubs are required by law to have a clear view of the floor but with each table being independent. In addition, the demand for the design was to have a balance between a glamorous atmosphere that complement the staff and a private space where visitors could relax. In respond to these request, we opted for a design that guides the visual ray, the layout of the table are made to have its own space. The lighting is soften by a dark green colored glass layered over the indirect lighting coming from the wall. The space is lighten with its luxurious chandelier and indirect lighting dispersed through the floor where the customers enjoys the night.

2018.September OPEN


Location:Tokyo, Japan
Business form:Night Club
Project type:Full renovation
Work in charge:Interior design