Studio Zorig

narifuri Nagoya 2020.September Nagoya, Japan
Interior design as a member of architect design team.

The flagship store of “narifuri”, an apparel brand for cyclists has opened in Nagoya's landmark Hisaya Odori Park which redeveloped with 35 new shops. We participated in this project as a member of the architectural design team. This is the first store in the Chubu region for “narifuri” as known as a pioneer of the casual cloth brand for cyclist. The store has designed under the concept of "fashion+bicycle" . This store has the bicycle section on first floor and the apparel section on second floor, was designed with a clean white base and a blend of industrial and natural materials. It is a simple, calm, and functional space. The store is suitable for people can experience the joy of life with bicycle in a new park.

Location:Nagoya, Japan
Business form:Clothing store
Project type:Newly Build
Work in charge:Interior design(as a member of studio KOAA)
Photo:Tomooki Kengaku