Studio Zorig

OWNERS ONLY 2020.July Tokyo, Japan
Interior design/Logo design/Graphic design

“OWNERS ONLY” is a retail and consignment store for luxury watches, located in Okachi-machi, Tokyo also known as the “Jewel town”. It is the first store operated by PLACE OF PLAYS Co. Ltd., a company that handles tradings and apparel businesses overseas. The requirements of the design and the branding was to portray the expansion of the company who has a broad business area though out the United State, Hong Kong and Europe. We purposely design the facade with the uses of stainless steel as the main material, together with the exterior wall and the main signage to differentiate it with the decorated streetscapes of the “Jewel town”. The simple facade designed to control the visibility is a minimalist yet high end touch for the customers that seeks truly selected watches. Likewise, the interior and graphics gives a sense of unity with it uses of it original colour, while enhancing the watches and giving it a high end design. The color mixture of grays and purples creates a calm and luxurious image to the store. The combination of the various textures and the subtle difference in the lighting give the space its own special atmosphere.

2020.July OPEN


Location:Tokyo, Japan
Business form:Luxury watch store
Project type:Full renovation
Work in charge:Interior design,Logo design,Graphic design