Studio Zorig

PRIME BOX 2021.September Osaka, Japan
Interior design / Logo design

This is a design project for a brand store located in Shinsaibashi, the heart of Osaka. It was opened as a store that deals in luxury brand products developed as a benefit for members of the "PRIME PARTNERS" membership salon service. This project is to express cooperation with "PRIME PARTNERS" through interior and logo design. Although the store is located in an area lined with a large number of brand stores, it needed a design that would differentiate it from other companies. The base color was “ecru beige”, which is also the corporate color. By adding layers of different textures using glass and lighting, we aimed to add a glittering atmosphere and a sense of depth and luxury to the simple interior design. In addition, the logo retains the commonality with "PRIME PARTNERS”. The logo represents a special product in a special box.


Location:Osaka, Japan
Business form:Apparel retail shop
Project type:Full Renovation
Work in charge:Interior design, Logo design