Studio Zorig

Ramen NAKAMICHI 2017 January Montreal,Canada
Interior design

“Ramen NAKAMICHI” opened in the center of Montreal, Canada's second largest city. The Japanese owner offers authentic ramen noodles, mainly chicken white-hot broth and Japanese style snacks arranged for the local market. In this project, we were involved searching for a property, the creation of the store, and visa application process for the staff. The store design was in a cafe style to make it more familiar to customers in Montreal who are less familiar with ramen. Furthermore, in order to express "Japanese-ness", we paid close attention to details of finishes and used locally available materials such as brushing finish plaster or red plaster finishes on the walls. We also adopted features of Canada's thriving forestry industry, such as a 10cm thick countertop, to create a space where different cultures naturally mix with each other.

2017 January OPEN


Business form:Restaurant
Project type:Full renovation
Work in charge:Opening procedures,Interior design,Construction management,Interior finish and furniture work